Do you want to look better than ever?
Start with beautiful teeth courtesy
of Azabujuban Cler Dental Clinic!

Our salon offers expertise in treatments that really work

When we opened Azabujuban Cler Dental Clinic in October 2014, our goal was to fulfill the dreams of the many women out there who want to look better, feel confident in their smiles, and be happier.
Our clinic director is a woman who has professional experience in a variety of settings, including a general dental clinic and a specialized whitening clinic. She can help you feel beautiful, starting from your mouth.
We provide foreign-language assistance and have customers from many different countries.
We also welcome customers who are receiving treatment at other clinics or who are only interested in whitening. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


To remove discoloration and tobacco stains from teeth



Fast-acting whitening


Premier course

Customized treatment

We recommend regular cleanings (ideally every 3-6 months). Cleaning your teeth doesn't just fix bad breath and prevent periodontal disease—it is also necessary to increase the effectiveness of whitening.


Whitening discount campaign
From 23,000 yen down to 9,800 yen
We are offering a discount on whitening for a limited time only, so that more customers can enjoy having beautiful, white teeth.


We will treat any problems and beautify your teeth as much as possible during the available time in just one treatment session. This type of treatment course is little-known in Japan, but we recommend it if you are busy and want complete care in one appointment.

We also offer many other kinds of dental care

In addition to the treatments above, we also offer a wide variety of services, from treatment for cavities and periodontal disease to crowns, fillings, etc. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

A message from the Clinic Director

When this Clinic was founded, our aim was to completely overturn the idea of what a dental clinic was like, and we strive to meet this goal every day as we serve our customers. As you might expect with a female Clinic Director, our Clinic is especially considerate towards our customers in many ways. I find that having small hands is an advantage since I can easily treat small areas of your back teeth and I can provide complete care without making customers open their mouths up wide. We are also very happy to treat children. Come experience a dental clinic that is like none you've ever been to before.


•Location: 5th floor of OTM Building, 2-3-8 Azabu-Juban, Minato, Tokyo, 106-0045
•Tel: 0120-422-100/03-6809-3696